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Energy Healing Sessions release the imprints and patterns that interfere with health, vitality and well being. 

Sessions may be combined to meet the needs of the individual and are offered in person or at a distance.

Contact Thelma to schedule your session.  Credit cards are accepted.

Shamanic Energy, Shaman, Healing, Reiki, Reiki Classes, Long Island, NY

Sessions can be scheduled in person or long distance, including internationally.  Credit cards are accepted.


Contact Thelma to schedule your session

Shaman Sessions

Shaman Sessions include the Illumination Process, dense energies accumulate from the past and adhere to your energy body preventing you from moving forward in your life with vitality, joy and ease.   This process clears those imprints and patterns that hold you back. It replaces them with life nurturing Light Energy, supporting you on all levels, phsycial, mental, emotional, and the spirit level. 


Shaman sessions may include: Soul retrieval - when trauma is experienced we may lose vital energy, or little pieces of ourselves. Soul Retrieval restores these energies and facilitates a renewed passion for life.


Extraction - Shamans believe we can have energies attached to us that do not serve us.  The extraction process releases those energies, restoring health promoting life force into your system.  


Energetic Cords can be present from a number of sources, such as another person or a certain time, place or event.  These cords drain your vital energies and Shamans believe that removing them fortifies your energy field, facilitating energy healing on all levels.


Reiki Master, Reiki Healing, Distance Sessions, Long Island, NY


Contact Thelma to schedule your session

Reiki Sessions


Reiki is a gentle method of energy healing that connects with the energy referred to as Ki in Japan and Chi in China, it is Universal Life Force Energy.  Sessions can alleviate pain and stress and promote restful sleep, healing and relaxation.



If you are interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner or finding out more abut energy healing, please see CLASSES for upcoming opportunities.


Sessions can be scheduled in person or long distance, including internationally.  Credit cards are accepted.

Esoteric Healing Sessions, Energy Medicine, Energetic Healing, Reiki, Shaman, Long Island, NY


Contact Thelma to schedule your session

Esoteric Healing Sessions


The focus of Esoteric Healing is to restore a balance between the body's organs, systems and endocrine system to each of the corresponding major and minor Chakras. It is when the energy of the Soul is freed to flow through all levels of your being (physical, mental, emotional and Spirit ) that healing occurs.


Sessions can be combined for greatest effect and can be scheduled in person or long distance, including internationally. Credit cards are accepted.





Full Moon Shamanic Fire Ceremony Long Island, NY

Full Moon Fire Ceremony


The Fire Ceremony is a time to release all wounds, burdens and limitations. This Ancient tradition provides the space for you to shift and create your life from the subtlest level of who you are, to facilitate your healing, wholeness and bliss.  Bring a stick, blow into the stick that which you wish to release from your life and watch it burn in the sacred fire as you take in healed energies. 


Please see Classes & Events for our next Fire Ceremony


Please email Thelma Condra, Shaman at to confirm & get directions.





Munay-Ki Rites,  Shamanic Healing, Shaman, Long Island, NY

Munay-Ki Rites


Munay Ki rites, a series of 9 energetic transmissions passed down from the Shaman for healing the wounds of the past and connecting with our future healed self. These rites are given in gentle ceremonial fashion either in a group or individually upon request.


Contact Thelma Condra, Shaman at (516) 455-1104 to discuss individual sessions


Please check CLASSES for group sessions

Munay-Ki Ind.
Despacho Ceremony, Shaman, Shamanic Healing, Reiki Long Island NY

Despacho Ceremony


Shaman prayer bundle for creating harmony.  A Despacho ceremony is led by a Shaman and connects us with the energy of nature honoring Mother Earth (“Pachamama”).  A Despacho can also help us manifest what we would like to attract in  our lives.


We show gratitude and respect for Mother Earth, the oceans, waterways and mountains by forming prayer bundles symbolizing the  items we wish to represent.  The Shaman believe that by expressing love and gratitude, we can also attract more of what it is we are grateful for.


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