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Shaman, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Counselor Thelma Condra

"The most important of many of the blessings I received during session with Thelma was the reinforcement of the power of your thoughts and feeling and how the effect your emotional spiritual and physical well being. Through different types of Energy Healing Sessions you can actually experience the change and shift in your body and mind. Some energy blocks are old, some new and some very well disguised. Through the release of these energy blocks you just feel better. You can also enjoy a wonderful guided meditation to enhance balance in your life. Many benefits come from this. The ability to focus, increased knowledge and awareness of yourself and the life around you, and ones you love."

Margaret ~ Mesa, AZ

"Last fall I had severe pain in my lower stomach. I went to the Dr. and she sent me for a series of test. She discovered I had three large masses in my uterus. I was told I would need a hysterectomy. She was not able to schedule me for the surgery for five weeks do to her surgical schedule. The pain was still very intense. I spoke to Thelma, a Shaman and Reiki practitioner, and we agreed to do distant energy sessions. So every Sunday night for four weeks she did a session. the results were amazing! I did not take any of the pain meds they prescribed for me, I do not do well with pain meds. By the second session the pain had decreased. When it was time to have the surgery I was pain free. The biopsy of the masses came back cancer free. I am a strong believer in Thelma's healing powers. If not for Thelma I think the out come of my situation would not have such a positive result.

Rose H. ~ Long Island

"My experience with healing is that it connects my head with my heart"

Cecilia M. ~ Colorado

"The Munay-Ki rites offered by Thelma Condra, certified Shaman, are healing, cleansing, and enlightening.  Everyone can benefit."

Valerie G. ~ Bay Shore, NY

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